Jafloni Roll £4.95
Lightly spiced lamb wrapped in a light paratha bread  
Mix Kebab (2 person to share) £7.50
Mixture of chi tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab  
Chicken Spring Roll £3.50
Tikka with cheese & onion  
Chicken or Lamb Tikka ¬† £3.50
Tarinated in yoghurt with mild spices  
Sheek Kebab £3.50
Shami Kebab £3.50
Minced lamb with mild herbs and spices with omelette topping  
Chicken or Lamb chat £3.50
Cooked with chat massala in a tangy sauce  
Tandoori chicken (on the bone,1 piece) £3.50
Chicken Pakora £3.50
4 pieces chicken dipped in a batter of gram flour and then deep-fried.  
Lamb somosa £3.50
Prawn puri £3.50
King prawn puri £6.95
slightly spiced then smothered over home made bread  
Chat puri (chicken or lamb) £3.50
cooked with chat massala in fried bread  
Vegetarian Starters
Onion bhajee   £2.90
Aloo chat £2.90
Vegetable somosa £2.90
Vegetable puri £2.90
From The Tandoori Oven  
Tandoori oven is used as the traditional Indian technique. with a deep clay body it is fuelled from the bottom, which spreads an even &high heat throughout the walls of the oven, meats are placed along the side of the wall to bake. Some breads, like the nan are slapped  against the walls itself which gives them a special texture.served with salad and mint sauce.
Tandoori king prawn £12.50
Tandoori mix grill (served with nan) £11.50
Chicken or Lamb Shashlick (served with massala sauce) £11.50
(pieces of lamb or chicken with onion, tomato and green pepper)  
Tandoori fish (boneless dry pieces fish) £7.50
Chicken or lamb tikka £7.50
Tandoori chicken (on the bone, 2 pieces) £7.50
Signature Dishs  
Special Lamb Sizzler £10.95
Mdium dish, cookd to our Chef'd unique receipe. Served on a sizzler with pilaw rice.  
Jaflon Peri Peri (Fairly Hot) £8.50
Chicken adn Lamb cooked with special peri sauce  
Rezella Bangal (chicken, lamb or fish) £8.50
Medium dish with chefs special sauce, fairly dry, ginger sauce.  
Fish Sizzler (new) £8.50
boneless fish, medium served with sizzler onion, tomato, green pepper  
Jaflong Fish Delight £8.50
Boneless pieces of fish in medium rich sauce  
Lemon Chicken/Lamb £8.50
Medium, cote in a rich and tangy sauce  
Shatkora Chicken/Lamb £8.50
Famous Bangladeshi taste of citrus flavour, Medium  
Captain Pathila (Medium) £10.95
Tender strips of chickn or lamb prepared using fresh herbs and spices, including coriander, mint, garlic and yogurt in a rich tangy sauce.  
Manchurian Chicken/Lamb £8.50
Sweet and sour medium dish, with mix veg<./span>  
Baburchi Chingri £12.50
King Prawn in medium, fairly dry sauce with fried potato topings  
Kurzi (Lamb/Chicken) £10.95
Medium, thinly sliced with onion & green pepper in a spicy sauce served with pilau rice and crispy salad toping
Mirchwagon £8.50
Litrerally red hot! color comes from the use of beetroot, dry red chilies, tomatos and capsicum. available as lamb, chicken, prawn, vegeterian dish
Hariyali £8.50
chicken baked in a marinade of spenich, mint and corianda pureeserved in a green creamy sauce
Korai Rani £8.50
Cooked with spenich, boiled egg, minced lamb and garnished with garlic available with chicken and lamb dish
Zucutti (Chicken/Lamb) £8.50
cooked with roasted fennel seeds, cloves of garlic, fairly hot  
Machli Peaza £8.50
Bangladeshi river fish cooked with harbs and spices  
Murgh Podina £8.50
Thinly sliced fillet of chicken, cooked in a mild creemy sauce and garden mint
Mustard Chilli Chicken £8.50
Fairly hot, sliced breast of chicken  
Akbori Murghi £8.50
Medium chicken tikka, onion, green pepper hint of mint and garlic  
Chicken Dhoniya £8.50
Medium, chicken cooked with lots of coriander, tomatos, onion, harbs and spice
Murghi Mossala £8.50
Chicken cooked with mince meat in a thick rich sauce  
Kaboli Chicken/Lamb £8.50
Cooked withChicken/Lamb in a medium sauce  
South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken £8.50
Fairly hot, servd in a thick sauce with dry red chilli.  
Naga Lamb or Chickn £8.50
Fairly hot, served in a special naga chilli sauce.  
Vegetarian Dishes  
Vegetarian Tikka Massala £4.95
marinated in yoghut with mild herbs & spices then finished in a mild creamy sauce
Paneer Tikka Massala £4.95
Subzi Chilli Massala £4.95
vegetables cooked with fresh green chillies  
Palak Paneer £4.95
Cottage cheese cooked in a bed of fresh spinach  
Paneer Bhuna £4.95
Cottage cheese in medium spices  
Paneer Rogan £4.95
Cottage cheese garnished with tomatoes  
Matter Poneer £4.95
cottage cheese with peas  
Katchuri Dansak £4.95
Lentil balls in sweet & sour sauce  
Chana Dansak £4.95
Chick peas, fairly ho, sweet & sour sauce with lentils  
Traditional Dishes  
Chicken/ Lamb tikka mossala £7.50
Marinted in yoghurt with mild herbs & spices the finished in mild creamy sauce
Chicken / Lamb Passanda £7.50
Mild and creamy  
Butter Chicken or Lamb £7.50
Tikka flavoured simmered in butter & tomato sauce with fenugreek leave in a mild creamy sauce.
Chicken/ Lamb Jalfrezi £7.50
Korai Chicken or Lamb £7.50
Medium simmered with butter in a thick sauce garnished with onion, capsicum & tomatoes serverd on an iron wok
Chicken Makhani £7.50
Mild spiced chicken roasted in clay oven and cooked in a special sauce
Biriani Dishes  
cooked with various spices & basmati rice, dressed with slices of cucumber & tomatoes, served with vegetable curry.
King Prawn Biriani £12.50
Special Biriani £12.50
Mixture of chicken, lamb, prawn with omelette topping  
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biriani £9.50
Chicken / Lamb / Prawn Biriani £8.50
Vegetable Biriani £7.50
Mushroom Biriani £7.50
Regular Curry Dishes  
Dishes Vegetable



or Lamb Tikka
Plain Curry (medium) £4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
Madras (fairly hot) £4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
Vindaloo (very hot) £4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
Korma (very mild) £4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
Dansak (hot,sweet & sour) £4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
Pathia (hot, sweet & sour) £4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
Rogan (garnished with tomatoes) £4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
Bhuna (medium) £4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
Dupiazza (garnished with Onions) £4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
Sag £4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
(fairly hot cooked with coconut)
£4.95 £5.90 £7.50 £7.95
Above dishes as King Prawn £11.95
Any above dishes with Mushroom extra 50p
Original Punjabi Balti Dishes  
Medium hot, typical sub-continental north indian dish, it is prepared directly from the iron pan in special herbs and spices and cooked with capsicum, tomatoes & special sauce.
Balti King Prawn £11.95
Balti Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £7.50
Balti Chicken Aloo (medium) £7.50
Balti Chilli Chicken or Lamb £7.50
Balti Garlic Chicken or Lamb £7.50
Balti Vegetable £6.50
Vegetable Side Dishes  
Mixed Vegetabl Bhajee
(Medium mixed vegetable in a thick sauce)
Sag Mirch (Green peppers with spinach) £3.10
Chana Dall (Chick peas with lentils) £3.10
Sag Chana (Spinach with chick peas) £3.10
Mushroom Bhajee £3.10
Chana Massala (Chick Peas) £3.10
Aubergine Bhajee £3.10
Aloo Gobi (Potatoes & Cauliflower) £3.10
Bombay Aloo (Spicy hot potatoes) £3.10
Cauliflower Bhajee £3.10
Sag Aloo (spinach and Potatoes) £3.10
Chana Aloo (Chick peas & Potatoes) £3.10
Sag Bhajee (Spinach) £3.10
Aloo Bindi Bjajee (Potatoes & Okra) £3.10
Tarka Dall (Lentil in fried garlic) £3.10
Garlic Mushroom £3.10
Rice/ Breads/ Sundries  
Half Rice & Chips £2.50
Half Pilau Rice & Chips £2.95
Special Fried Rice Pilau rice cooked with eggs, peas £2.90
Mushroom Rice Pilau rice cooked with mushrooms £2.90
Keema Rice Pilau rice cooked with lightly flavoured minced lamb £2.90
Coconut Rice £2.90
Fragrant rice cooked with tomatoes, mustard seeds, desiccates coconut & Peppers
Pilau Rice an aromatic and colorful basmati rice £2.50
Boiled Rice £2.40
Nan £2.40
Garlic / Keema / Peshwari / Kulcha £2.90
Paratha £2.40
Chapatti £1.50
Raitha cool yoghurt. available as onion, cucumber or plain £1.50
Chips £2.40
Papadoms (Plain / Spicy) £0.70
Relishes £0.50
Mango chutney, Lime Pickle, Mint Sauce or Onion Salad  
Set Meals  
For 1 £15.95
1 Chicken Tikka, 1 Korai Chicken, 1 Bombay Aloo, 1 Pilau Rice, 1Nan
For 2 £27.95
1 Chicken Tikka, 1 Onion Bhajee, 1 Chicken Tikka Mosala, 1 Korai Lamb, 1 Mushroom Bhajee, 2 Pilau Rice, 1 Keema Nan
For 4 £49.95
2 chicken chat, 2 Sheek Kebeb, 2 Chicken Tikka Massala, 1 Rogon Josh,1 Korai Chicken, 1 Mushroom Bhajee, 1 Aloo Gobi, 2 Pilau Rice,
2 Keema Nans
Vegetable Set Meals  
For 1 £12.95
1 Vegetable Somosa, 1 Vegetable Tikka Massala, 1 Aubergine Bhajee,
1 Mushroom Rice, 1 Garlic Nan
For 2 £22.95
1 Onion Bhajee, 1 Vegetable Samosa, 1 Vegetable Curry, 1 Palak Paneer,1 Chana Massala, 2 Mushroom Rice, 1Nan